Opción 4

Optión 4

Total distance: 25 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1005 meters

Maximum height: 3552 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium 

This time, the route take us next to the famous Peña de Otí, to keep ascending until reaching the Páramo. The ride is amazing, and the landscape is unique. The descent on the hand, is even better. We reach the páramo, where we can ride among Frailejones and small lagoons, proper of this ecosystem.

Opción 3

Optión 3

Total distance: 28 kilometers

Elevation gained: 796 meters

Maximum height: 3314 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium 

This ride has a final ascent very demanding, but a perfect landscape to observe. We make a loop through the tertiary roads of Monguí, and we reach the páramo ecosystem, without getting to it. This is middle level route, that can be done in around 3 hours at constant rhythm.

Opción 2

Optión 2

Total distance: 30 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1214 meters

Maximum height: 3754 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium – High

This route is quite special. A strong ascent and super fun descent. The final part of the ascent is over technical terrain, and when reaching the summit, the dirty road is over and the páramo of Siscunsí begins. In this high, the view is unique, as on one side you get to see the whole valleys of Sugamuxi and Iraca, and on the other side, you get to see the Páramo of Siscunsí, with all its magnificence.

Opción 1

Optión 1

Total distance: 25 kilometers

Elevation gained: 701 meters

Maximum height: 3200 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Low  

We make a small ride in a route that presents soft ascents, and easy to ride descents, to reach a maximum altitude of 3200 meters above sea level. A great ride to enjoy calmly, without big efforts. Ideal for cyclists who are just beginning in the sport, or whom have not been able to train properly in the last time.



Total distance: 62 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1800 meters

Maximum height: 3700 meters above sea level

Difficulty: High 

This time, we will try to reach the Summit of the east mountain range by an alternate route, which ends up in a single track until reaching the highest point. We must begin this description, warning our reader that it has not been possible to get to the summit at the moment of writing this text. We estimate we are still from 4 to 6 kilometers away of the high and around 300 meters more of ascent.
We begin our ride leaving from Hostel Villa San Juan, in direction to Mongua. We can take as many detours as we want, however we recommend to take the more direct way to the town, to save energy for what is coming after. Once in Mongua, we take direction to La Leonera, and we keep riding without crossing the river, moving along through long and demanding ascents, combined with small swings that allow us to take some air into our lungs during the short descents.
At some point we reach a small hamlet when we are to cross a small brook, and then we spot the so craved summit. We still need to cross a hollow before aiming for the final ascent. We hope to make this ascent, still untold for us, with your company. It is needless to say that this rout is very demanding. It will take us above the 3600 meters above sea level, and it will make us to feel the lack of oxygen severity, and yet, the happiness reached when riding this journey, is indescribable.



Total distance: 56 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1430 meters

Maximum height: 3550 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium – high

This route is a prolonged ascent to the summit of the east mountain range. If we were to keep going, we would get to the Sirguazá commune, in the territory of Mongua, to the place known as Salinas. The majestic mountains of the east Andes mountain range are observed, and at the top, an amazing view of the descent of the mountains to reach the east flatlands of Colombia.
We begin the ascent from Hostel Villa San Juan, going through the main plazas of Tópaga and Mongua, to continue the ride by dirty road taking course to the San Ignacio high. Through the east mountain range, as we go deeper on it, colors become amazing, and mountains at the bottom taking colors mixing the gray and green scales, become little by little more thundering. As we reach the summit, we get to be in company of the always glorious frailejones, to see how the mountains descent to the east, and finding out that we are the top of the world.



Total distance: 47 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1185 meters

Maximum height: 3200 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium 

There is one other route to ride from Mongua to Gámeza, and this is not descending to the river, but climbing up to the Páramo, going through the commune of Sasa belonging to Gámeza. A demanding and very fun journey, will take us through beautiful and rarely traveled roads, which will allow you to experience peace of mind and adventure at the same time, in a very particular way.
We begin the climb from Villa San Juan, passing by the main plazas of Tópaga and Mongua, to then take a dirty road, following the canyon of the Gámeza river to the sector of La Leonera in Mongua. Then we cross the river up in the páramo



Total distance: 36 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1200 meters

Maximum height: 3005 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Low – Medium 

This time, we begin our tour leaving from Villa San Juan and take the ascent by the main road to the main plaza of Tópaga, and then to Mongua. A small variation can be made, by taking a strong but short ascent through dirty road, followed by a very interesting descent through a single track.
Once in Mongua, we take the road to Gámeza main plaza, descending to the Gámeza River and following its path at some point. From the main plaza of Gámeza we take a kind of technical descent to the climbing park of Puente Reyes in the rock wall of Peña de las Águilas, which was also the scenario of maybe the most important and unknown battle of the independence war in 1819. From this place we take a very strong ascent, of around 5 kilometers to Tópaga main plaza, to then take a fun descent by the main road to Villa San Juan.



Total distance: 46 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1350 meters

Maximum height: 3542 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium

On this occasion we vist the famous Laguna Negra (Black lagoon). This natural wonder to which we can get pedaling with no hindrance. We begin our ride leaving from Villa San Juan, we pass the main plazas of Tópaga and Mongua, to then begin the ascent by dirty road to the Laguna Negra, 9 kilometers from the main plaza of Mongua. We reach the páramo ecosystem, and little by little we go deep into the east mountain range, in the Andes. Majestic and magnificent mountains that make you feel how solemn they are. A strong ascent rewarded by an amusing descent, coupled with the unique charm of the lagoon and the frailejones.



Total distance: 29 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1000 meters

Maximum height: 3400 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Low – Medium 

This time we ascend to the Páramo of Llano grande, from Mongua. To get to Mongua, after passing Tópaga we take a short dirty road ascent and then a really fun descent by a single track, to continue the ride to Mongua by the main road. From Mongua we begin the ascent, by paved and dirty road, with slopes reaching 14 % tilt, but totally feasible. Once in the top, we may reach the Three Crosses summit and take the descent to Tópaga, or we can stay on the road to Monguí, descending by the road of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cascada.
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