We are a family company of rural lodging, located in the middle of the beautiful Colombian mountains, in rural area of the municipality of Tópaga, Boyacá.
Our aim is to boost local economy through tourism, while implementing sustainable processes and promoting the active involvement of the community as a link in the value chain


To evoke in our guests the peace, security and comfort that only a home can offer. We highlight the local natural and historical attractions, and promote the sustainable management of resources.


* To be a sustainable and inclusive touristic destiny.
* To be recognized nationally and internationally as a destiny for bicycle tourism.
* To achieve a minimum stay of 3 nights to all of our guests.


  • To plead for processes that protect hydric sources and the easy access of the community and the ecosystem to healthy water bodies
  • To enforce actions that look for the free development of local biodiversity. 
  • To promote in the territory actions and activities that encourage the sustainable development of society.
  • To encourage the active involvement of the community as a generator of differentiating value in the economic activities associated with tourism
  • promote respect and sense of belonging from and towards the local communities for their cultural identity.
  • To promote equality and no discrimination due to age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or maternity status.
  • To avoid the generation of unnecessary waste.
  • To apply processes of recycling and harnessing of the generated residues.
  • To use alternative sources of energy, that cause a minimal negative environmental impact and look for the sustainable development of the society.
  • To constantly innovate with the objective of reaching a higher efficiency in the social, environmental and economic development of the company.
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