Total distance: 46 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1350 meters

Maximum height: 3542 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium

On this occasion we vist the famous Laguna Negra (Black lagoon). This natural wonder to which we can get pedaling with no hindrance. We begin our ride leaving from Villa San Juan, we pass the main plazas of Tópaga and Mongua, to then begin the ascent by dirty road to the Laguna Negra, 9 kilometers from the main plaza of Mongua. We reach the páramo ecosystem, and little by little we go deep into the east mountain range, in the Andes. Majestic and magnificent mountains that make you feel how solemn they are. A strong ascent rewarded by an amusing descent, coupled with the unique charm of the lagoon and the frailejones.
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