Total distance: 36 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1200 meters

Maximum height: 3005 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Low – Medium 

This time, we begin our tour leaving from Villa San Juan and take the ascent by the main road to the main plaza of Tópaga, and then to Mongua. A small variation can be made, by taking a strong but short ascent through dirty road, followed by a very interesting descent through a single track.
Once in Mongua, we take the road to Gámeza main plaza, descending to the Gámeza River and following its path at some point. From the main plaza of Gámeza we take a kind of technical descent to the climbing park of Puente Reyes in the rock wall of Peña de las Águilas, which was also the scenario of maybe the most important and unknown battle of the independence war in 1819. From this place we take a very strong ascent, of around 5 kilometers to Tópaga main plaza, to then take a fun descent by the main road to Villa San Juan.
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