Total distance: 62 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1800 meters

Maximum height: 3700 meters above sea level

Difficulty: High 

This time, we will try to reach the Summit of the east mountain range by an alternate route, which ends up in a single track until reaching the highest point. We must begin this description, warning our reader that it has not been possible to get to the summit at the moment of writing this text. We estimate we are still from 4 to 6 kilometers away of the high and around 300 meters more of ascent.
We begin our ride leaving from Hostel Villa San Juan, in direction to Mongua. We can take as many detours as we want, however we recommend to take the more direct way to the town, to save energy for what is coming after. Once in Mongua, we take direction to La Leonera, and we keep riding without crossing the river, moving along through long and demanding ascents, combined with small swings that allow us to take some air into our lungs during the short descents.
At some point we reach a small hamlet when we are to cross a small brook, and then we spot the so craved summit. We still need to cross a hollow before aiming for the final ascent. We hope to make this ascent, still untold for us, with your company. It is needless to say that this rout is very demanding. It will take us above the 3600 meters above sea level, and it will make us to feel the lack of oxygen severity, and yet, the happiness reached when riding this journey, is indescribable.
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