Total distance: 56 kilometers

Elevation gained: 1430 meters

Maximum height: 3550 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium – high

This route is a prolonged ascent to the summit of the east mountain range. If we were to keep going, we would get to the Sirguazá commune, in the territory of Mongua, to the place known as Salinas. The majestic mountains of the east Andes mountain range are observed, and at the top, an amazing view of the descent of the mountains to reach the east flatlands of Colombia.
We begin the ascent from Hostel Villa San Juan, going through the main plazas of Tópaga and Mongua, to continue the ride by dirty road taking course to the San Ignacio high. Through the east mountain range, as we go deeper on it, colors become amazing, and mountains at the bottom taking colors mixing the gray and green scales, become little by little more thundering. As we reach the summit, we get to be in company of the always glorious frailejones, to see how the mountains descent to the east, and finding out that we are the top of the world.
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