Our strategic location and the design of our facilities, made thinking on the wellbeing of cyclists, make of our house a unique place to enjoy and challenge yourself to the highest in the mountains of our territory.

Our biggest wish is for you to enjoy this experience, so it is very important to take into account that to ride the mountains of our region, you need some physical condition a bit over that one of a beginner. Ascents accumulating elevations from 500 meters to 2500 meters, crossing rivers, lagoons, páramos, beautiful and unique towns, and incredible scenarios, will allow you to enjoy and discover some inimitable landscapes proper of our east mountain range, in the Andes. Do not worry, remember that every climb you make, is followed by a descent as fun as challenging the climbing was.

We work in association with some tour operators, who will be your guides. Do not worry, you will always be with the right company.




Multiple route

Routes through Mongui

Monguí is a unique territory to visit and to explore riding a mountain bike. It offers 4 different routes to discover its landscape, and of course these routes can be mixed to get an even funnier ride. Strong but short ascents make us feel the harshness of breathing over the 3000 meters above sea level, to reach the páramo in less than 10 kilometers.
Up next we show you the basic characteristics of each route found in Monguí. To ride any of these lanes, we leave from Hostel Villa San Juan by the main road to the plaza of Monguí, following only the paved road, or taking a small detour to get to Monguí by dirty road. Once in the plaza, we begin more fun part of each journey.
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