Total distance: 25 kilometers

Elevation gained: 923 meters

Maximum height: 3416 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Low – Medium 

We come up by the main road to the plaza of Tópaga, then we follow to the commune of La Atraviesa. Then we begin a strong ascent by dirty road and single tracks to the Páramo ecosystem, to reach the sector known of Llanogrande, to the three crosses place, where the sight allow us to see the whole Sugamuxi valley, including the cities of Duitama and Sogamoso. In this tour, we go through the towns of Tópaga, Mongua and Monguí. To end this amazing journey, we descent to Monguí, by the way of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cascada.

Visitando el Vineño

Visiting the Vineyard

Total distance: 46 kilometers

Elevation gained: 875 meters

Maximum height: 2857 meters above sea level

Difficulty: Medium 

In our rich territory we can also find vineyards. Even as this is not a viticultural region, we are on our way to become into one. From Hostel Villa San Juan, we support this new agricultural vocation of our region.
The vineyard we visit is small, and belongs to the Sol de Oro consortium, to provide grapes to the world famous wine Marqués de Puntalarga. In our ride we may visit some other 4 or 5 small vineyards, also belonging to the same consortium of grape producers.
The route can be done easily riding from Villa San Juan, or if we want to avoid riding next to the sometimes annoying traffic of the main road, we can drive to Corrales and begin our journey from there. We visit the towns of Corrales, Busbanzá and Floresta. The vineyard is located in rural area of Corrales, and they crop the varieties Riesling and Mission. The route does not have strong ascents, and is ridable all the time. The landscape here is completely different to the one we find next to the páramos.


Tópaga - Costó - Mongui

Total distance: 19 kilometers

Elevation gained: 595 meters

Maximum height: 3018 m

Difficulty: Low

Leaving from Villa San Juan, we take the main road until the Plaza of Tópaga. From this place, we take a dirty road to Monguí. The ascent to Tópaga is continuous, at an average of 7 %, by paved road. From Tópaga to Monguí, we take the tertiary road through the sector known as Costó, to then take a short but solid single track, which will take us to the beautiful Monguí. Incredible landscapes, where you will see Monguí and the Sugamuxi valley from a very different perspective.
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